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Mar 25 '14

Umano is now available on Amazon’s Kindle Fire!

Today, we are very excited to announce the launch of Umano in Amazon’s App Store available for all Kindle Fire devices!

At Umano, we are committed to providing the best way to consume audio content on the go. Our previous launches of Umano on Google Glass and a recent partnership with Al Jazeera America showcase our dedication to our mission. Kindle Fire support represents another important milestone in our journey.

Starting today, Kindle Fire users can start enjoying content on the go by listening to our ever growing catalog of articles from the world’s best publishers and bloggers.

Download now from the Amazon Store here:, and don’t forget to leave us a review!


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Mar 10 '14

"For Women" Channel & Android Redesign

Umano listeners,

Over the weekend we released a new channel dedicated to women, exploring relationships and dating, health and fitness insights, beauty tips, family life, and career inspiration and advice.  Ladies, subscribe to the channel “For Women” today and let us know what you think! If you’d like to request certain publications you wish to have read to you, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter! We’re listening.


On Android we’ve released a new version of the app with a slick new design to help you make the most of your listening experience and find the content you love. In order to simplify things, we consolidated the home page into one main feed that includes the most recent articles from your channel subscriptions, in addition to some recommendations based on your listening history. We’ve also made it really easy to access our Explore page, where we hope to feature more and more of the most interesting content.

We hope you enjoy the new design, and please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions. We are always listening!


Don’t forget that you can request any article you’d like to hear by submitting the URL through the app. Help us make Umano your personal audio library. Look for the “Submit Article for Narration” button on the “Me” screen in the app.

Download Umano:

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Dec 19 '13

Welcome to Umano 4.0: The New Era Of The Listening Experience

Today we introduce another big update to Umano that comes packed with a new “recommended” home feed and an updated user interface that introduces two new destinations within the app.

In this update we introduce the concept of channels - a new way to subscribe to your favorite publishers and categories. Based on the channels you are subscribed to, your listening patterns, and the activity of your friends in the app, Umano can now generate a home feed for you with recommendations of articles that we believe you would really enjoy.


Along with the addition of the new home feed, we also added two new destinations in the app: Explore and Community.

The Explore page helps you navigate our expansive audio library to find featured articles and channels to follow, hand-picked by our talented editorial team. Meanwhile, the Community page lets you jump right into the conversation by connecting you to other listeners sharing their thoughts and ideas on the most shared and discussed articles.

On top of this release, we’re also incredibly excited to start launching partnerships with leading publishers in tech and science news: VentureBeat, Digital Trends and MIT Technology Review, with many more to be announced in the near future. This is the beginning of an inspiring movement in the publishing industry towards building a new and innovative way to consume short form content through audio. We will be working closely with these publishers to bring new voice to their content, powered by our incredible team of narrators. But their content won’t only be available within our app — you will be able to listen to the audio versions of many articles on their websites via an embedded Umano player.

VentureBeat has already added our player to many articles on their website, so you can easily listen to an article that piques your interest! Here’s an example: Just click on the orange headphones icon on an article’s web page to listen.


We are very thrilled to let Umano 4.0 out in the wild. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed building it. In the coming months, we will be spending a lot of time tweaking our recommendations algorithm, so your Umano experience should keep getting better and better.

And finally, If you are an innovative publisher interested in exploring a new way to share your content with the world, join the revolution here:

Happy Umano-ing!

Team Umano

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Dec 4 '13

Vote for Umano in the 2013 Players’ Choice Top Apps & Games Poll!


We are honored to be selected as a finalist in the annual Google Play Top Apps and Games poll! Umano has been chosen as 1 of the 8 best apps featured in the Quietly Brilliant category, alongside innovative apps like Snapchat and TripIt.

From now until midnight on Tuesday, December 10, people all over the world will vote for their favorite Google Play apps and games.

If you love Umano, we ask you to please take just one second and vote for us in the poll! Click here to vote:

Share this link with your friends and family or tweet this to show us your support! We really appreciate it.


The Umano Team


Nov 27 '13

We Are Thankful For You

At Umano Headquarters, we wish to extend to you all a big Thank You. 

This time of year reminds us to be mindful of all that we have to be thankful for. We are thankful for our outstanding team of narrators, our expert curation team, and our community of listeners that keep Umano thriving.

It’s important to remember that not everyone is surrounded by large, wonderful families during the holidays, and many of us are often reminded of loved ones that are no longer with us. We all need caring thoughts, and support from our communities. This is the season of giving, and we’ve seen incredible support from efforts abroad to help communities and people in need — most recently in the Philippines. 
During the coming holidays, Team Umano asks that you make a donation to the American Red Cross. We’ve created a Crowd Rise campaign to help give our listeners the opportunity and incentive to donate — whatever amount you would like.
Here is our campaign:
*IMPORTANT: We can only grant 3 months free for listeners who have not already purchased Umano Premium. 
When you donate, please include your Umano account email address in the “Comments” section of the Donate box. Thank you!

For every person that donates to our Red Cross campaign, we will award you 3 months free of our Umano Premium service. 

Please take a moment to share this campaign with your friends and family and on your social networks to help us make a difference for communities in need.

Thank you and and we wish you the happiest of holidays!


The Umano Team

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Nov 19 '13

Umano on Google Glass

When we created Umano we wanted to give people an opportunity to consume content in situations where they otherwise couldn’t. By providing content over audio to mobile devices we empowered our users to listen to articles while driving in their cars, biking, walking their dogs or working out. Today, we would like to go a step farther.


We are happy to unveil Umano on Google Glass, which takes the Umano experience to a truly new level. Consuming content on the go has never been easier. Your phone can now stay in your pocket, yet the magic of Umano-narrated articles can accompany you whatever you are doing.


Umano is a natural fit for Google Glass, and we are proud to develop on this new and exciting platform. We are launching with a limited selection of our audio library and will continue to expand our content to Glassware owners soon.

If you are a proud Glass owner, you can install Umano through your My Glass app. Happy listening!

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Nov 7 '13

Umano Android v3.2 with new Alarm Clock and Listening Queue!

Umano Android listeners,

We have some new features for you!


First up: Listening Queue: access your list of articles queued up for playback and edit them on the fly.

Next up: Alarm Clock: let Umano wake you up in the morning, playing an article from your queue, where you last left off.

Other updates: With this release, we now offer Kitkat Support, and we have made additional UI improvements and bug fixes.

Please also note that the Car Mode and Sleep Timer features have been moved to the overflow menu in ‘Now Playing”.

Happy listening!

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Nov 1 '13

New Umano Embeddable Player - Now With Custom Colors

We have just rolled out a significant update for the Umano embeddable player. Publishers, who are looking to integrate Umano recordings of their articles back into their own websites, will now be able to take advantage of the new adaptive sizing behavior, color customization, and the playlist feature. 

Adaptive Sizing

The minimal size of the player is now 100px by 40px, which shows only the play/pause control. However, if the width of the player is increased, more components become visible including the progress bar, current time, duration and the number of total listens. Simply pick your desired size, and we will take care of showing what’s important!

Custom Styling

Choosing a player style that fits your design has gotten easier. You can now customize the color scheme of the player by providing the foreground color of all controls. 

Playlist Feature

If you wish to allow your visitors to see other recordings from your website, you can now include a nifty playlist that will show more listening choices.

You can see the full demo of various sizes and color options here.

For complete instructions of how to integrate the Umano player into your website, visit our publisher page:

Make your content come alive with the power of voice!


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Oct 25 '13

Umano Update: Introducing Umano Channels + Free Umano Premium!

Umano listeners,

We’re back with a few new features to help you make the most of your listening experience and find the content you love.

Introducing Channel pages:

Now you can easily access all articles from your favorite publishers, by tapping on the Publisher name from any article.

You can also filter the Popular and Trending pages by category, so that you never miss out on the best articles from your favorite topics.

As a thank you to our Umano community, we’ve launched a promotion for you and your friends to get Umano Premium for free. Enjoy 1 week of Premium for free for every friend that signs up for Umano!

image image

The new version of the app is now live on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Update or download your version of Umano today!

Download Umano:

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Sep 18 '13

Introducing Umano Premium: The Next Generation

Umano listeners, we have launched Umano Premium, the next generation of news read to you by real voices.

Since the beginning, our team has worked to transform your daily commute and on-the-go experience by offering high quality journalism read to you by professional narrators. Umano Premium enhances this experience by offering you exceptional new features that you’ve been asking for – with some surprises.

Take a look at what we’ve designed for you:

  • News Flash: Get a head start in the morning by listening to the latest breaking news headline
  • Offline Listening + Unlimited Playlist:  Add as many items to your playlist as you want and enjoy them without an internet connection
  • Playlist Reordering: Customize the order that articles appear in your playlist
  • Auto- Playlist Magic: Only have time to listen to Umano for a set period of time? Umano can create a playlist for your time period based on your personalized interests
  • Customize Jingle: You decide what sound you hear before an article starts playing. Choose from our library of jingles.
  • Sleep Timer: Enjoy falling asleep to Umano? Never miss an article again by selecting a timer for Umano to stop playing.

image image

For those of you with iPhones, we’ve designed Umano Premium to work seamlessly with Apple’s new iOS 7.  We completely revamped the look with a slick new transparent navigation bar and a thinner, flatter design. Our redesigned player, with quick actions and built-in AirPlay support, and our new menu layout allow for easier navigation and freedom throughout the app. We’ve also added Airdrop, so you can now share articles with your friends nearby. And when you’re pressed for time, you can add articles to your Safari Reading List for later.

image image

Sign up today for your monthly subscription! As a big thank you to our loyal listeners, we are providing 2 months free to those who previously held Umano accounts. Happy listening everybody!

Umano Premium is now available in the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Download Umano:



Posted by Avalon Radys, on behalf of the Umano team.


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